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Coming together is a beginning,

keeping together is progress,

working togehter is a success.

Quotation from Henry Ford (American industrialist * 30.07.1863, † 07.04.1947)


1989 - 2001

In 1989, ECON-AIR GmbH & Co. KG was founded, which one year later offered a worldwide unique reusable system for aerosols on the market.

To meet the increasing demand, ECON-AIR GmbH & Co. KG built a recycling plant in 1994 for the recycling of emptied and filled aerosols. This plant had a decisive influence on the expansion of the reusable system and enabled the recovery of raw materials for the aerosol market. This significantly improved the energy balance of aerosols.

In order to achieve the company's growth targets and to meet the increasing demand for recycling solutions, ECON-AIR AG was founded in 1998.

2000 the new company location Porta Westfalica, Rehwinkel 30 was occupied.


In order to generate more growth and develop new business segments in a more structured manner, an independent sales company was established. On 06.05.2002 the foundation of econ-systems GmbH is registered in the commercial register B of the district court Minden. The company is initially based in Porta Westfalica, Rehwinkel 30.


econ-systems GmbH moves to its new location in Petershagen (Weser). Already this year the product range will be extended to more than 150 chemical-technical aerosols and special chemicals.


As part of a sales offensive, the "private label customer business" is being expanded and econ-systems GmbH can offer its customers design and label design in addition to various product qualities. In addition, the service was expanded to include the creation of legally compliant safety data sheets in customer design - for many European countries.


Start of development and laboratory work for the reformulation of the marking paint ÖKO-Marker®. The aim is a resource-saving use of raw materials and a sustainability-oriented solution for forestry.


We present the newly developed ÖKO-Marker® to our customers. This special marking paint is based on renewable raw materials and organic-alcohol. Presented and certified at the KWF symposium in summer 2006, this product has almost completely replaced our conventional marking paint.

This experience has led us to convert our long-term marking paint ULTRA-Marker to organic-alcohol and ecological binders. Of course, the ULTRA-Marker was also certified by KWF.


The econ-systems GmbH is supplier of vocational trainings since 2003 and certified by the IHK. By offering additional training places we invest in the future. 


In order to be able to react flexibly to customer wishes and the requirements of the market, we are expanding our laboratory capacities at our location in Petershagen.


Our brand ECS CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS® is registered at the German Patent Office. We are also expanding our storage capacity up to 1,200 pallet-spaces and the office space will also be expanded up to 300 m².


We want to offer our customers in the forestry industry a more pleasant and a more ergonomic marking work. With the development of our new ERGO-cap, we now offer a comfortable storage surface for the index finger and the spraying process is also more comfortabel and much easier. In addition, this cap offers integrated protection against unintentional triggering of the spray head.


In view of quality assurance, we are investing in an additional batch printer. This enables us to print batch numbers in up to 3 lines and to generate a better control of the respective batches.


To expand our delivery capacity we purchase an additional labeling machine from the company Langguth. This is how we  ensure a fast delivery to our customers.


With the aim of expanding the innovative strength of our company, we are investing in the expansion of our laboratory capacities and, in addition to a new crimper, we are also acquiring a further gas filler and an additional gas pump. Research and development work in our in-house laboratory is the basis for our quality products. But of course our goal is also to ensure that our products withstand the extensive tests under "real conditions". Therefore, this year we have also subjected all paints and varnishes, in particular the products from the forestry segment, to a weathering test.


In November we register our brand ECS CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS® as European Union Trademark.


The product catalogue for the range of ECS CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS® products has been redesigned and presented to our customers. We have attached great importance to a high-quality presentation of our brand products and are pleased about the successful presentation of our premium products.


At the beginning of the year the new homepage was launched for our brand products of the series ECS CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS® . We enable our customers comprehensive information about our product range, detailed explanations about individual products and offer selection aids and shipping information. Of course, a lot of useful information is also available for download.


The product range was expanded in the areas of "skin protection & care" and "surface cleaners". The hand disinfectant SkinDes® was developed with bactericidal, fungicidal and limited virucidal (enveloped viruses) properties and successfully placed on the market. The exclusive use of synthetic ethanol means that no unpleasant odour remains on the skin and caring additives ensure that the skin feels pleasant. We have registered the SkinDes® brand by the Office of the European Union as a Union trademark.

For surfaces, we have developed the ECS DES-procuct assortment, a large range of strong, aldehyde-free cleaners with a disinfecting effect against many bacteria, yeasts and viruses ( enveloped and non-enveloped). ECS DES surface disinfection has been tested for industrial and institutional areas as well as for the food industry. It is a biocide of product type 2
We offer ECS DES- products and SkinDes® to our customers in different versions and containers.

In addition during the same period, the entire range of paint marking sprays has been converted to the use of the ERGO-cap.


In co-operation with professional users, we have developed a significantly improved spray handle. The high-quality PROFESSIONAL Spray handle enables professional users to carry out precise colour marking work. This innovative development has reduced the trigger force by more than 75% compared to conventional spraying processes. The use of new material components has led to a significant reduction in weight.
This product development is also an ideal companion for labelling work with regard to digital data acquisition and data transmission. A specially adapted adapter allows a Bluetooth® button (e.g. LogBuch) to be simply and securely attached to the spray handle.


Our marking paints ECS ÖKO-Marker®, ECS FOREST-Marker and ECS ULTRA-Marker have once again been certified by the Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik e.V. (KWF). Our high-quality marking paints successfully passed the KWF's utility value test in December 2021 and have now been awarded the "KWF PROFI" test mark by the Board of Trustees.


We have developed a new belt clip especially for the PROFESSIONAL Spray handle. The shape, which is specially adapted to the professional spray handle, protects the can perfectly against unintentional triggering. This effectively prevents soiling of clothing, especially when working in dense vegetation or rough terrain.
We were also able to continue our successful development work on the PROFESSIONAL Spray handle this year. The weight has been reduced by a further 30% from 320 g to 225 g. We have also shortened the pull lever to make triggering the spraying process even easier. As a result, we have once again made work much easier for our professional users.
We were also able to present successful development work for our ECS FOREST-Marker. In addition to the neon colours, the ECS FOREST-Marker is now also available in non-fluorescent colours. These new colours have a significantly improved durability and also score points for their high opacity.

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