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Dazu passende Produkte

motor starter

jump-start for engines
  • Fast engine start thanks to optimized combination of active ingredients
  • Helps quickly and reliably with starting problems, especially under cold and humid weather conditions
  • For diesel and petrol engines

battery pole protection

contact protection grease
  • Prevents contact resistance and voltage drop
  • Increases battery life
  • Water-resistant and adhesive grease

contact spray

Special spray for electrical contacts
  • Removal of humidity-related malfunctions
  • Sustainable cleaning effect and optimum creeping ability
  • Intensive humidity displacement

car body protection

Elastic wax coating
  • Wax-based, thixotropic anti-corrosion coating
  • Excellent "self-healing properties" for minor damage
  • Adheres easily to underbody coatings

sealing wax

special preservation
  • Protects metal, plastic and wood parts from humidity, corrosion and weather effects
  • Generates a matt, transparent, non-slip and water-repellent protective layer
  • Special wax with particularly high creep effect

ECS 380

Vehicle cleaner with lotus effect
  • Contaminations of any kind are thoroughly removed from all vehicle surfaces
  • Integrated protection against new soiling due to long-lasting lotus effect
  • Suitable for manual and high-pressure cleaning

ECS 385

rim cleaner
  • Intensive cleaner for alloy wheels and steel rims
  • Removes even stubborn soilings such as brake dust or corrosion
  • Does not attack the rim surface

cockpit spray

Care spray with depth effect
  • Optimal care, fresh odour, fresh colour
  • Gives a silky matt shine and cares for all plastics
  • Prevents rapid re-soiling

tyre shine

Brilliance and care
  • Ideal before storing tyres (summer / winter)
  • Immediate shine directly after use
  • Cleans, cares and protects by one single working process

tar remover

active cleaner
  • Easily removes splashes of tar, oil, cavity sealings and underbody protections from painted and chromed surfaces
  • Mild cleaning product with strong dissolving power
  • Short exposure time, economical application

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