Lubricating & assembly pastes

Best release effect even at high temperatures!

ECS CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS® Lubricating and Assembly Pastes offer you reliable lubrication for maintenance and inspection work, even under extreme conditions. Ideal for use under a wide range of loads, such as high temperatures or highly vibrating parts.

Anti-Seize Metal

high-performance assembly paste
  • Assembly spray against seizure, corrosion and wear
  • Pressure resistance 220-250 N/cm²
  • Temperature range -40 °C to +650 °C

Anti-Seize Copper

high-performance assembly paste
  • Ideal for vibration reduction on brakes, brake cams and pins, on cars and trucks
  • Pressure resistance 220-250 N/cm²
  • Temperature application range -40 °C to +1,100 °C

Anti-Seize Ceramic

high performance assembly paste
  • Metal-free, electrically non-conductive special lubricant
  • Pressure resistance 270-310 N/cm²
  • Temperature operating range -40 °C to +1,200 °C

white Grease

high-performance lubricant
  • Suitable for lubrication during maintenance and inspection work
  • Contains a drip-resistant, food-safe grease
  • Temperature range -20 °C to +140 °C

Grease spray PTFE

special white grease
  • Oxidation-resistant multi-purpose grease with PTFE additive
  • For machine lubrication, also for demanding lubrication points
  • Temperature application range -30 °C to +130 °C

assembly spray

Universal assembly paste
  • Assembly spray against seizure, corrosion and wear
  • Facilitates assembly and disassembly
  • Temperature range -40 °C to +650 °C

Grease-spray with silicone

Insulating and water-repellent
  • Suitable for lubricating door bolts, slide rails, door and furniture hinges, drawers and much more
  • Excellent gliding properties on almost all surfaces
  • Extremely lubricious and displaces water

Transparent grease-spray

Silicone based adhesive lubricant
  • No centrifuging due to special bonding additives
  • Leaves a transparent, well lubricating greasy film
  • Temperature range -50 °C to +220 °C


High pressure grease EP2
  • For the lubrication of sliding and rolling bearings, at grease lubrication points of motor vehicles, equipment, machines, construction machinery, conveyor systems and many more
  • Water-resistant, oxidation-resistant, pressure-resistant and corrosion-protective
  • Temperature range -30 °C to +120 °C (briefly up to +130 °C)