Building cleaning services

Relevant Products


Ecological universal cleaner
Cleaner based on sustainability-oriented raw materials
Ideal for all plastics, glass and many metal surfaces
Economical, gentle and low odour concentrate

ECS 80

smoke resin remover
Highly alkaline cleaner for stubborn incrustations and grease soilings
Ideal for grills, convection ovens, deep fryers, ovens, tiles and much more
For use in food processing industries

ECS 300

all-round cleaner
Powerful and gentle with dirt dissolving power
Ideally suited for alkali-resistant surfaces
Slightly alkaline, to remove wax, oil, grease, sludge, soot and much more

ECS 430

Basic cleaner PVC
Basic cleaner for wax- and polymer-coated floors
Low-foaming and odourless
Removal of care films and self-gloss dispersions

ECS 470

workshop cleaner
Powerful against oils, fats, resins, waxes, nicotine, insect dirt, soot and much more
Gentle on materials, non-abrasive and very economical
Ideal for machines, tools, systems and workshop equipment

ECS 600

sanitary cleaner
Highly effective for the entire sanitary area with fresh fragrance
Effortlessly removes soap residues and lime stains in one operation
With excellent rinsing effect

ECS 620

Descaling Agent Extra
Special cleaner for scale, lime and other mineral residues
Ideal for hot water appliances, coffee and washing machines, boilers and much more
Extends the service life of the devices when used regularly

ECS 640

Basic cleaner acidic
Gel-like and adheres to vertical surfaces
Economical high concentrate for acid-resistant materials
Effortlessly dissolves limescale deposits and carbonates of all kinds

ECS 660

Activ cleaner acidic
Highly active acid combination for acid-resistant surfaces
Ideal as cement film- and rust film remover
Rapid infiltration of encrusted deposits

ECS 680

industrial cleaner
Reliably removes old polish and wax layers
Removes oil and workshop dirt in a single operation
Low foaming for use in automatic cleaning machines