Further products

Rust converter, cooling spray and much more


Binder for liquids
  • Universal binder for any type of liquid
  • Acts extremely fast, is almost insoluble in all liquids
  • Low dust, non-toxic, physiologically completely harmless

Cooling spray

Special refrigerant down -50° C
  • Universally applicable for repair and assembly purposes as well as for troubleshooting
  • Errors in electrical circuits can be detected quickly
  • Generates a local cooling down to -50° C

Gas pressure spray

Special pressurized gas
  • Efficient cleaning of hard-to-reach areas
  • Very high pressure strength, high efficiency
  • Evaporates 100% residue-free

Rust converter

Rust renovation system
  • Resistant protective layer for long-term corrosion protection
  • Passivates rust and forms a resistant, durable protective layer
  • Protects effectively against renewed corrosion

Leak detector oil

Liquid leak finder
  • For checking motors, pumps, tanks, pipes and much more
  • Grease- and silicone-free powder-based spray
  • High temperature resistant