Clinics and nursing facilities

Relevant Products

Leak detector spray -15 °C

DVGW-tested with frost protection
The smallest leaks can be detected quickly and easily
Contains multi-metal corrosion protection
Leak detection also possible with flammable gases


High-performance fine lubricant
High-quality multifunctional oil with PTFE additive
Reliable corrosion protection for all metals
Water displacing surface lubrication with excellent sliding properties

multi-purpose spray

universal lubricant
Corrosion protection and fine care
Rust remover and lubricating oil
Door lock de-icer and weapon oil

Multi 70

multifunctional spray
Rust remover, surface protection, fine care, humidity protection, lubricant and much more
Water displacing long-term corrosion protection with excellent capillary action
Temperature range -20 °C to +120 °C

Grease spray PTFE

special white grease
Oxidation-resistant multi-purpose grease with PTFE additive
For machine lubrication, also for demanding lubrication points
Temperature application range -30 °C to +130 °C

PTFE Spray Lube

high-performance lubricant
High performance lubricating oil with PTFE additive
Particularly suitable for lubricating machine parts, tools and equipment
Temperature range -20 °C to +120 °C

silicone spray

Release agent and lubricant
To eliminate creaking, squeaking and running noises
Colourless release agent and lubricant
Temperature range -30 °C to +250 °C (briefly up to +280 °C)

Silicone spray HC

Release agent and lubricant
Extremely creepable, colourless release agent, sliding and lubricating agent for all moving parts
Eliminates unpleasant creaking, squeaking and running noises
Temperature range -30 °C to +250 °C (briefly up to +280 °C)

contact spray

Special spray for electrical contacts
Removal of humidity-related malfunctions
Sustainable cleaning effect and optimum creeping ability
Intensive humidity displacement


Ecological universal cleaner
Cleaner based on sustainability-oriented raw materials
Ideal for all plastics, glass and many metal surfaces
Economical, gentle and low odour concentrate