Cleaning products

Special detergents


Paint remover
  • Problem solver for extensive extreme graffiti
  • Solvent-resistant surfaces are not attacked
  • Gentle on materials and surfaces

Electronic cleaner

Special cleaner
  • For cleaning electronic contacts, plug connections and much more
  • Removes dirt, oil, silicone residues and oxidation caused by ageing
  • Guarantees undisturbed current flow

Foam-gun cleaner

For PU-foam-guns
  • Reliably cleans PU foam guns after use
  • For the removal of fresh PU foam staining
  • Also suitable for removing paint and adhesive residues, grease, wax and much more


Universal stain remover
  • Removes quickly and effortlessly persistant stains, marking paint, ink, ballpoint pen, felt-tip pen and much more
  • Universally applicable, e.g. on metal signs, glass, ceramics, tiles, fabrics and facades
  • Easily removes label-and adhesive tape-residues

Adhesive and sealant remover

Special cleaner
  • Removes cylinder- and exhaust manifold gaskets as well as hardened sealing compounds
  • Replaces mechanical tools
  • Removes even the most persistent adhesive residues

Tree resin remover

Special cleaner
  • Effortlessly removes tree resin, heavy oil, wax and much more
  • Enables temporary corrosion protection
  • Mild odour, perfect cleaning effect