Universal stain remover


Universal stain remover
  • Removes quickly and effortlessly persistant stains, marking paint, ink, ballpoint pen, felt-tip pen and much more
  • Universally applicable, e.g. on metal signs, glass, ceramics, tiles, fabrics and facades
  • Easily removes label-and adhesive tape-residues

Suitable for many absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. Ideal for universal stain removal. Removes effortlessly oil from stones, paint from fabric, resin from metal. Easy to use, fast results. Also suitable for deep-seated and older oil stains. Also removes labels from washable surfaces, Resopal coatings, aluminium, glass, tiles, stone, concrete, marble, terrazzo and from many more

Art.-No. Quantity / Contents Packaging unit Bundle / unit
56013 500 ml 12 pcs Spray can

Further product information can be found in the data sheet (Downloads)