Sports facility construction

Relevant Products

PTFE-lubricant varnish

adhesion-preventing film
Dry, greaseless, well adhering lubricant and release agent
Particularly suitable for lubricating machine parts, tools and equipment
Temperature range -190 °C to +250 °C

contact spray

Special spray for electrical contacts
Removal of humidity-related malfunctions
Sustainable cleaning effect and optimum creeping ability
Intensive humidity displacement

car body protection

Elastic wax coating
Wax-based, thixotropic anti-corrosion coating
Excellent "self-healing properties" for minor damage
Adheres easily to underbody coatings

sealing wax

special preservation
Protects metal, plastic and wood parts from humidity, corrosion and weather effects
Generates a matt, transparent, non-slip and water-repellent protective layer
Special wax with particularly high creep effect

tar remover

active cleaner
Easily removes splashes of tar, oil, cavity sealings and underbody protections from painted and chromed surfaces
Mild cleaning product with strong dissolving power
Short exposure time, economical application


Caring hand cleaner
Thorough, mild and skin-friendly hand cleaning
Contains microfine scrubbing particles
Moisturizing skin protection through natural lipids

ECO-Marker (ÖKO-Marker®)

Low-odour marking paint
Special marking spray for clearly visible markings
Binders made of 100 % renewable raw materials
Frost-proofed, environmentally friendly and low-odour marking paint based on organic-alcohol


Conventional marking paint
Fast drying marking paint for clearly visible markings
Ideal for wood-, metal-, concrete-, asphalt- and stone markings
Good adhesion to damp and frozen undergrounds


Extremely long-term stable marking paint
Spray paint for durable markings
Frost-proof, environmentally friendly and low-odour marking paint based on bio-alcohol
Binders produced in high proportions from renewable raw materials

V-belt spray

Special Anti-Slip spray
Universally applicable for all V-belts, round- and flat belts
Protects belts from drying out and abrasion
Increases belt traction, prevents slippage and prolongs belt life

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