Asphalt and bitumen processing

Relevant Products

Degreaser 25

intensive degreaser
Industrial degreaser for mineral oil containing contaminants
Especially for chain and rope cleaning with high compatibility for O- and X-rings
Improved efficacy through delayed evaporation

Degreaser Citro

Cleaner with citrus scent
Dissolves adhesive residues and seal residues quickly and easily
Ideal for removing graffiti, felt-tip pen residues, permanent markers and ballpoint pen colour
For cleaning coated surfaces, all metals and plastics

gearwheel spray

Multi-purpose high pressure grease
Reliable wear protection even under high pressure loads
Excellent lubrication of fast rotating lubrication points
Temperature range -25 °C to +180 °C

Anti-Seize Copper

high-performance assembly paste
Ideal for vibration reduction on brakes, brake cams and pins, on cars and trucks
Pressure resistance 220-250 N/cm²
Temperature application range -40 °C to +1,100 °C

tar remover

active cleaner
Easily removes splashes of tar, oil, cavity sealings and underbody protections from painted and chromed surfaces
Mild cleaning product with strong dissolving power
Short exposure time, economical application


Caring hand cleaner
Thorough, mild and skin-friendly hand cleaning
Contains microfine scrubbing particles
Moisturizing skin protection through natural lipids

yellow power

Hand cleansing gel with citrus scent
Effective, high-quality hand cleaning paste for the gentle removal of strongly adhering soilings
Optimized formulation ensures better skin compatibility and product stability
Removes lubricants, oils, greases, printing inks and much more

Soft-Clean Gel

hand cleansing gel
Contains microfine abrasives for easy removal of heavy soilings such as paint and varnish residues, oil and tar
Especially skin-friendly thanks to natural lipids and mild detergent substances
Dermatologically tested


Skin care with panthenol
Especially suitable for heavily used hands and frequent use
Absorbs quickly into the skin, nourishes and supports the regeneration of the natural skin barrier
Silicone-free, economical in use, leaves no annoying greasy film

Stone chip protection

Overpaintable protective coating
Overpaintable, permanently elastic coating based on rubber-plastic material
Prevents noise and vibration
Long-term corrosion protection for bumpers, front and rear aprons, doors, chassis and much more