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Degreaser 05

universal degreaser
Ideal for removing oil, grease, wax, permanent markers and much more
Mild smelling universal degreaser with excellent material compatibility
Evaporates residue-free with medium evaporation time

Degreaser 45

High performance degreaser
The most stubborn soilings are cleaned quickly and easily
Ideal for removing labels and silicones
Evaporates quickly and residue-free

Degreaser Citro

Cleaner with citrus scent
Dissolves adhesive residues and seal residues quickly and easily
Ideal for removing graffiti, felt-tip pen residues, permanent markers and ballpoint pen colour
For cleaning coated surfaces, all metals and plastics

industrial cleaner

Special cleaner based on active solvents
Excellent cleaning and degreasing performance
Removes resins, oils, greases, paint mist, silicone, brake dust, adhesive residues, labels and much more
Strongly cleansing and dissolving with fast, residue-free evaporation


High-performance fine lubricant
High-quality multifunctional oil with PTFE additive
Reliable corrosion protection for all metals
Water displacing surface lubrication with excellent sliding properties

multi-purpose spray

universal lubricant
Corrosion protection and fine care
Rust remover and lubricating oil
Door lock de-icer and weapon oil

Multi 70

multifunctional spray
Rust remover, surface protection, fine care, humidity protection, lubricant and much more
Water displacing long-term corrosion protection with excellent capillary action
Temperature range -20 °C to +120 °C

Transparent grease-spray

Silicone based adhesive lubricant
No centrifuging due to special bonding additives
Leaves a transparent, well lubricating greasy film
Temperature range -50 °C to +220 °C

PTFE Spray Powder

PTFE spray with micro scales
Dry lubricant for light to medium loads
Free of mineral oil and silicone
Temperature range -190 °C to approx. +250 °C

silicone spray

Release agent and lubricant
To eliminate creaking, squeaking and running noises
Colourless release agent and lubricant
Temperature range -30 °C to +250 °C (briefly up to +280 °C)

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