Skin cleansing

for various degrees of contamination


Sensitive Hand Soap
  • Wash lotion produced on the basis of mild, skin-friendly substances
  • Contains moisturizing substances based on vegetable raw materials for maximum protection and care
  • Dermatologically tested


Caring hand cleaner
  • Thorough, mild and skin-friendly hand cleaning
  • Contains microfine scrubbing particles
  • Moisturizing skin protection through natural lipids

yellow power

Hand cleansing gel with citrus scent
  • Effective, high-quality hand cleaning paste for the gentle removal of strongly adhering soilings
  • Optimized formulation ensures better skin compatibility and product stability
  • Removes lubricants, oils, greases, printing inks and much more

Soft-Clean Gel

hand cleansing gel
  • Contains microfine abrasives for easy removal of heavy soilings such as paint and varnish residues, oil and tar
  • Especially skin-friendly thanks to natural lipids and mild detergent substances
  • Dermatologically tested

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ECS Dosierpumpe

Dosing pump

For skin protection & care
  • Dosing pump for the hygienic application of skin cleansing and care products
  • To avoid contamination with dirt or bacteria
  • Economical dosing by only one pump stroke