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Degreaser 05

universal degreaser
  • Ideal for removing oil, grease, wax, permanent markers and much more
  • Mild smelling universal degreaser with excellent material compatibility
  • Evaporates residue-free with medium evaporation time

spray paint

  • For interior and exterior paintwork repairs
  • Acrylic varnish with high opacity
  • Lightfast, non-yellowing and weather-resistant

Degreaser 45

High performance degreaser
  • The most stubborn soilings are cleaned quickly and easily
  • Ideal for removing labels and silicones
  • Evaporates quickly and residue-free

Degreaser Citro

Cleaner with citrus scent
  • Dissolves adhesive residues and seal residues quickly and easily
  • Ideal for removing graffiti, felt-tip pen residues, permanent markers and ballpoint pen colour
  • For cleaning coated surfaces, all metals and plastics

A.C.T. Cleaner

Special cleaner based on acetone
  • Fast, effective and residue-free cleaning
  • Suitable for many surfaces
  • Volatile special cleaner

silicone remover

special cleaner
  • Ideal for cleaning and degreasing plastics and metal parts before painting
  • Removes silicone residues quickly, easily and effectively
  • Indispensable for the preparation of all painting work

PTFE Spray Powder

PTFE spray with micro scales
  • Dry lubricant for light to medium loads
  • Free of mineral oil and silicone
  • Temperature range -190 °C to approx. +250 °C

PTFE Spray Lube

high-performance lubricant
  • High performance lubricating oil with PTFE additive
  • Particularly suitable for lubricating machine parts, tools and equipment
  • Temperature range -20 °C to +120 °C

yellow power

Hand cleansing gel with citrus scent
  • Effective, high-quality hand cleaning paste for the gentle removal of strongly adhering soilings
  • Optimized formulation ensures better skin compatibility and product stability
  • Removes lubricants, oils, greases, printing inks and much more

Soft-Clean Gel

hand cleansing gel
  • Contains microfine abrasives for easy removal of heavy soilings such as paint and varnish residues, oil and tar
  • Especially skin-friendly thanks to natural lipids and mild detergent substances
  • Dermatologically tested

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