spray paint

  • For interior and exterior paintwork repairs
  • Acrylic varnish with high opacity
  • Lightfast, non-yellowing and weather-resistant

High-quality lacquer in high-gloss and matt RAL colours and as clear lacquer for lacquering and repairing objects of all kinds indoors and outdoors. Suitable for wood, metal, paper, glass, stone or hard plastics. Fast drying. With particularly high covering and filling power. Excellent colour gradient for even surfaces. Scratch, shock and impact resistant. Excellent adhesion on almost all materials.

XXXX Replace with RAL-number when ordering.
If necessary, pre-treat plastics with PRIMER SPRAY FOR PLASTICS (Art.-No.: 55019).
Ideal for pre-cleaning: INDUSTRIAL CLEANER XXL (Art.-Nr.: 51038).

Art.-No. Quantity / Contents Packaging unit Bundle / unit Gloss level
RALXXXX 400 ml 6 pcs Spray can glossy
RALXXXXsdm 400 ml 6 pcs Spray can silk-matt
RALXXXXmat 400 ml 6 pcs Spray can matt

Further product information can be found in the data sheet (Downloads)