Marking paint

Forestry, construction and roadwork marking paints

The result of consistent research work in our laboratory are three marking paints perfectly suited for use in forestry. The ECS CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS® colour range offers the woodworking industry and forestry the conventional forest marker and the sustainability-oriented Eco-Marker (Öko-Marker®) and Ultra-Marker. Not sure which variant you need? Please simply request our inexpensive test carton, consisting of 12 marking sprays of your choice. For the construction site, sports field, leisure and event marking sectors, you can choose from the ECS CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS® range of long-term and short-term floor/roadwork marking variants. Additionally the ECS CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS® range offers you the Line-Marker, an extremely abrasion-resistant variant of floor marking, for particularly stressed floor areas, such as parking or parking spaces, storage areas and forklift paths.

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ECO-Marker (ÖKO-Marker®)

Low-odour marking paint
  • Special marking spray for clearly visible markings
  • Binders made of 100 % renewable raw materials
  • Frost-proofed, environmentally friendly and low-odour marking paint based on organic-alcohol


Conventional marking paint
  • Fast drying marking paint for clearly visible markings
  • Ideal for wood-, metal-, concrete-, asphalt- and stone markings
  • Good adhesion to damp and frozen undergrounds


Extremely long-term stable marking paint
  • Spray paint for durable markings
  • Frost-proof, environmentally friendly and low-odour marking paint based on bio-alcohol
  • Binders produced in high proportions from renewable raw materials

Street-Marker short-time

Chalk-marking paint
  • Short-term chalk-based marking paint for all washable surfaces
  • Ideally suited for event-, accident-, sports field- and leisure markings
  • Excellent opacity due to high pigmentation

Street-Marker long-term

Fast drying marking paint
  • High visibility and opacity thanks to high-quality pigments
  • Ideal for metal, concrete, asphalt, wood and stone markings
  • 360°-Paint- spray- system with ON/OFF function and tamper-evident closure


Extremely abrasion-resistant floor marking paint
  • Permanent floor marking for parking spaces, pitches, forklift paths, warehouse markings and much more
  • Fast drying, highly opaque, hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant and traversable
  • Highly pigmented quality based on weather-resistant acrylic resins

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