Chain spray WX

Wax-containing adhesive lubricant
  • Excellent adhesion, no centrifuge
  • Resistant to humidity and aggressive vapours
  • Does not attract dust or dirt

Reliable lubrication of the chain inner bearings due to high capillary effect. O- and X-ring compatible. Good compatibility with plastics. Targeted application of the desired lubricant thickness by using a special spray head. Particularly suitable for chains on industrial plants, elevators, forklifts and many more. Also suitable for fast-running chains (e.g. motorcycles). Optimally applicable as all-round lubricant for racks and joints. When applying, let the chain run slowly in order to lubricate the inner bearings optimally.

Art.-No. Quantity / Contents Packaging unit Bundle / unit
51020 400 ml 12 pcs Spray can

Further product information can be found in the data sheet (Downloads)