Adhesive Spray

  • 6-way adjustable valve/spray head combination
  • Short drying time, quick loading capacity
  • Permanently firm hold for many applications

One-component contact adhesive with fast initial adhesion. Reliably bonds foam, jute, felt, textile, insulating material, polystyrene foam, various plastics, plastic film, paper, cardboard, cardboard, wood, veneer and much more. Can be used in single-sided or contact gluing processes, depending on requirements. The adhesive used reaches its final strength after approx. 24 hours. Very economical (approx. 1.2 m² per 100 ml can volume).
Pre-cleaning with e.g. art. no.: 51038 - INDUSTRIAL CLEANER - 500 ml

Art.-No. Quantity / Contents Packaging unit Bundle / unit
53001 400 ml 12 pcs Spray can

Further product information can be found in the data sheet (Downloads)