leak detector spray

  • Smallest leaks can be detected quickly and easily
  • Contains multi-metal corrosion protection
  • Leak detection also possible with flammable gases

DIN-DVGW tested product. For maintenance and control of gas and compressed air systems. Bubble-forming, aqueous surfactant solution for finding leaks in pipelines with gaseous media, such as compressed air, natural gas, technical gases (leak detection possible for flammable gases). The product is sprayed onto pipes and connections for targeted search and inspection. At leaks with escaping gases, easily recognizable bubbles form.  

Spray onto the area to be tested from a distance of approx. 5-15 cm and observe. Leaks are indicated by the formation of bubbles. After use on plastic or copper pipes, rinse the leak detector with water.

Art.-No. Quantity / Contents Packaging unit Bundle / unit
51024 400 ml 12 pcs Spray can
51024/10 10 L 1 pc Canister

Further product information can be found in the data sheet (Downloads)